About Us

Carlo J. Jensen, CEC, PCC

Certified Executive Coach, Professional Certified Coach

Carlo J. Jensen is a Certified Executive Coach and licensed coaching skills trainer who specializes in coaching “Transitioning Leaders” – those leaders moving from being an individual contributor to a manager, from a manager to a leader and from a leader to the executive suite. Many clients are initially frustrated and confused because what made them successful in the past isn’t working anymore or the “rules of the game” have changed and expectations are unclear. Carlo also works with leaders who are trying to exit gracefully and restart into a new chapter of their life.

Coaching Style

Carlo’s coaching is based on the foundational values of trust and respect with a focus on success.  He brings a blended approach to coaching that is supportive yet challenging and his style provokes new thought patterns in an environment of curiosity, action, and accountability for breakthrough results.

What Makes Us Different

  • We believe in the health of our environment, the strength of our communities, the energy of our relationships.  
  • We believe in the creativity of change, the power of choice and the excitement of action.  
  • We believe in the vitality of our people, the brilliance of our minds, the value of our individuality.  
  • We believe in the beauty of expression, the strength of vulnerability, the gift of love, and the courage of leadership. 
  • We believe inspiration, enthusiasm, and passion can accomplish amazing results.  


Carlo can’t be everywhere and he also can’t specialize in everything so he has partnered up with select associates who bring a fantastic array of talents to round out Uniscan’s offerings.  If you like what you hear but don’t see the specific thing you need, contact us, chances are one of our associates will be perfect for you.