My Coaching Journey

“All you do is ask me more questions when what I really want is the answer!” he said shaking his head in frustration as he left my office.  Moments later, I looked up as there was a soft knock on my door frame.  My frustrated colleague stuck his head in with a puzzled expression.  “Wait a minute… that last question… my answer… that’s it!  Thank you!”  I grinned as this time he left with a confident smile on his face.

For as long as I can remember in my career, I have used coaching to bring out the best in my team and clients.  As a natural coach, at first subconsciously, then consciously as I gained new skills, I naturally gravitated to asking probing questions to help someone solve a problem.  Rarely did I quickly implement or offer a solution, preferring instead to have that person think things through themselves; what options do they have, what would the impact be, how would others respond, how would they in turn respond, what will have the greatest chance of success and why?

As President of Uniscan Consulting Inc., I bring over 30 years of senior business experience ranging from small businesses and large corporations to non-profits and charitable organizations.  After receiving my Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary, I went on to multiple management positions in small family run businesses through large multi-national companies.  In 1991, my entrepreneurial side came out when I opened my own business focused on using technology to improve business process and efficiencies.

With the desire to work more with people than boxes of wires, I moved from the high technology sector into the non-profit sector in 2000 and became the Director of Consulting at CentrePoint Non-Profit Management.  There I saw what passion, desire and commitment can achieve with minimum resources.  Over the next 6½ years, using a combination of consulting and coaching, my team built one of North America’s leading authorities on creating healthy non-profit organizations and I broadened my skills in leadership development and organizational effectiveness.  While at CentrePoint, I was instrumental in introducing new leadership services including the Executive Transition Management program which helps organizations “prepare, pivot and thrive” when their executive director leaves. 

Without question, my most successful projects came when I encouraged my clients to choose their own path, recognizing within themselves how to capture their passion into power and how best to proceed.  I would often use these coaching skills with my own team and volunteers, strengthening them from within and building on a knowledge base that was usually greater than my own.  With a desire to show my dedication to professional coaching and to challenge myself to become the best coach my clients could ask for, I received my Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC and my Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coaching Federation.  This training, coupled with years of practical coaching experience, provides my clients with coaching at a true, authentic level to achieve extraordinary results. 

My coaching is based on the foundational values of trust and respect with a focus on success.  Coaching can have an immediate impact in surfacing the real issues you face and help articulate what you will do to reach your goals.  In turn, you will also gain an increased understanding and appreciation of coaching skills and bring these new skills back into your own teams in creating a coaching culture.

Will I support you?  Unconditionally!  Will I challenge you?  Absolutely!  Will I hold you accountable?  You bet!  Will it be easy?  Not always!  Will you achieve things you never thought possible?  Yes!

My passion lies in developing the leaders of the future and helping create organizational growth and sustainability.  Coaching is very effective in harnessing the power of passion to ensure success in life and business.  I hope to join you on your journey to success.

With passion,